Sustainable Kitchens

The green heart of your home

Designing sustainable kitchens today means building them around the people who live in them, tailored to their spaces, and it is increasingly necessary to do so in a mindful way.

All of this is encapsulated in the concept of ecodesign, the approach to for sustainable design based on recycling, reducing environmental impact and embracing the circular economy.

The kitchen interior is the heart of the home, where we experience important moments of domestic life. Therefore, we plan it applying both emotion and reason, selecting materials and furnishings in the constant challenge between appearance and practicality.

Stone Italiana’s Cosmolite® collections are green materials that, thanks to the wide range of textures and shades, intercept different preferences and inspirations, allowing you to bring your own sustainable kitchens furnishing design to life with endless options and combinations.

Why are Cosmolite® slabs perfect for your sustainable kitchen?

What all kitchens have in common is the need to utilize a versatile material that is resistant to accidental impacts, scratches, stains, and is non-absorbent while providing high standards of hygiene and cleanliness with minimal effort.
Stone Italiana’s Cosmolite® slabs are hallmarked by their strength, ease of maintenance and hygienic safety, key features for surfaces constantly in contact with food, liquids and detergents.

Certifications issued by third-party certifying organizations provide tangible proof of this material’s ecological and technical performance, and they can be found on the dedicated page.

Kitchen worktops, unique in their field

Made entirely from pre-consumer recycled materials and plant-based resins, Cosmolite®’s green surfaces are an innovative and fascinating material, unique on the market, capable of minimizing environmental impact by means of a tangible contribution to industrial evolution.
On one hand, the recipe for Cosmolite® utilizes waste material generated by production at existing quarries (therefore without opening new ones) in a innovative production process.
On the other, it introduces an exclusive “quartz-free” formula that is the hallmark of a design approach geared toward social sustainability.

A new and environmentally sustainable surface by definition, Stone Italiana’s “New Material is perfect for many different applications within the kitchen, from kitchen counter tops to wall cladding and splashback, right through to sink and kitchen floor, and even matching furnishing accessories.
The application possibilities of sustainable cladding also extend to commercial projects, such as restaurants, cooking schools, and modern co-housing spaces, and in fact, many professionals have already turned to Cosmolite® to find the sustainable kitchen surfaces ideal for use in their businesses.

Cosmolite® is a brand of Stone Italiana

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