Slabs in 100% recycled minerals
Cosmolite® Stone Italiana is the durable, sustainable, designer kitchen worktop!
It doesn't chip, scratch or stain


Sustainable surfaces for your home and its designer interiors

Cosmolite® is New Material. This new sustainable material is formulated entirely using a blend of recycled pre-consumer minerals sourced from the quarrying industry.

These recycled raw materials mirror the company’s commitment, right from its foundation, to innovative manufacturing techniques that are kind to the environment.

Stone Italiana's sustainable revolution

Manufacturing process

Supply Chain

Shared principles and mission

Stone Italiana has chosen Italian suppliers sharing its principles and mission in terms of sustainability.

Utilizing quarrying waste

Benefits for the environment

Removal of detritus from the slopes brings the original rock surfaces back into view.

Responsible production

Responsible transformation of raw material

The mineral is taken to factories where it is processed in a series of phases that guarantee quality and safety.

Compression of the raw materials

High-tech slabs

Technologically advanced, latest-generation equipment makes it possible to transform the raw materials into a compact material. The finished product marks the birth of Cosmolite®.

CO2 reduction in transport

Lower emissions

Raw materials are sourced within a 250-km radius of the production plant, reducing fuel energy consumption.

How, and above all why, can Cosmolite® be described as
good for the environment?

Environmental benefits

Cosmolite® brings solutions that are good for man and the environment to the world of interior design.

Virtuous quarrying model

Inspired by principles of the circular economy

All the aggregates used to manufacture Cosmolite® are obtained from quarry processing waste, according to a circular economy approach.

Enhancement of waste materials

Origin of a New Material

The enhancement of waste products gives rise to a new material and avoids opening new quarries, to the benefit of the environment.

Replanting operation

Creation of terracing along the slope

A successive replanting operation permits environmental recovery in harmony with the morphology of the surroundings.


Sustainable, because it is responsible

The green approach that Stone Italiana, the company that invented and implemented the project for high-tech Cosmolite® slabs, is an essential part of its business model as expressed by its products. The company mission is to make a decisive contribution to renewal in the field of architecture and interior design, combining trendy aesthetic values and cutting-edge technological features with quality and environmental sustainability.

Cosmolite®, the New Material by Stone Italiana: unique, sustainable surfaces with high performance, in which the aggregate components are 100% comprised of recycled minerals.

For Stone Italiana, after years of study and experimentation, today Cosmolite® symbolizes the future: a real opportunity for designers who, through good conscience and to increase the financial value of a construction, resolutely prefer green solutions.

Hygienically tested

Stain- and odor-resistant, easy to clean


High resistance to heat and cold


Sustainable Kitchens

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