Recycled splashbacks

Recycled splashbacks in Cosmolite® 

A splashback, also known as a “splash guard” or “backsplash2” is a wall cladding that prevents stains from splashes and food preparation as well as adding a touch of harmony, in terms of colors and materials, to the food preparation area in the kitchen interior.
Placed over the kitchen counter top or hob area, recycled splashbacks protect the wall from accidental splashes, steam, oil and fat, high temperatures, and dirt. 

The choice of recycled splashbacks can help meet the need for total-look unity, matching the sustainable surface in Cosmolite® chosen for the island or the kitchen top, using different surface finishes, choosing from a glossy effect (Gloss), a textured surface (Grain 2.0) or light wavy knurling (Rocplan 2.0).

Stone Italiana’s Cosmolite® recycled splashbacks are sustainable surfaces, durable and easy to clean, and they retain the material’s beauty over time.


Cosmolite® recycled splashbacks provide excellent resistance against hot vapor, moisture, accidental impacts and deformation caused by daily use in the kitchen.


Due to its composition, Cosmolite® sustainable surfaces are inherently non-porous and non-absorbent, impervious to bacteria and infiltration of food and liquids. This results in a sustainable surface with high standards of hygiene, superior to natural stone.

Easy maintenance 

Stone Italiana’s Cosmolite® backsplash is easy to clean: just moisten the surface evenly with a mild detergent, wipe with a sponge or soft cloth, rinse and dry.

Cosmolite® is a brand of Stone Italiana

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