Recycled kitchen worktops

Recycled kitchen worktops in Cosmolite®

If you’re looking for a wide range of sustainable kitchen counter tops for your kitchen or your next interior design project, you’ve come to the right place.

With six collections and three trend-setting surface finishes, the Cosmolite® range offers beauty, cleanliness and durability, the perfect answer to the needs of sustainable interior design, representing an ideal combination of functionality and appearance. Versatile, long-lasting, sustainable surfaces.

Cosmolite® kitchen counter tops are made with a composition that includes a blend of entirely pre-consumer recycled minerals from the stone quarrying industry. The precise and finely-calibrated combination of recovered materials, meticulously developed within Stone Italiana’s R&D laboratories, ensures high standards of hygiene and excellent heat resistance.

In addition, all Cosmolite® collections are NSF/ANSI Std. 51 FOOD ZONE certified, ensuring maximum food contact safety.


Recycled kitchen worktops in Cosmolite® are guaranteed to offer strength and solidity against the bumps, scratches and dents that are part and parcel of daily life in the kitchen.


By virtue of their composition, Cosmolite® sustainable surfaces are naturally non-porous, a feature that prevents the proliferation of bacteria and the infiltration of food and liquids.
The result is a surface with high standards of hygiene, surpassing that of natural stone.

Easy maintenance

A kitchen counter top in Cosmolite® by Stone Italiana is easy to clean: simply wet the surface evenly with a mild detergent, wipe with a sponge or soft cloth, rinse and dry.

Cosmolite® is a brand of Stone Italiana

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