Sustainable kitchen sinks

Sustainable kitchen sinks in Cosmolite®

Keyword: harmony.
To design a harmonious kitchen environment, a good system is to strive for visual continuity amongst the materials used, such as choosing sustainable kitchen sinks that match the kitchen counter top, splashback and doors.
Same tone or mood, for a kitchen system featuring unparalleled technical performance and visual appeal.

The sink is a key feature in the kitchen: it must ensure strength, safety and hygiene. Stone Italiana’s Cosmolite® sustainable surfaces are in “Materia Nuova” (New Material) that withstands daily use, high temperatures and frequent exposure to water, fats and oils.

Stone Italiana’s technological innovation and precision workmanship make it possible to achieve seamless integration between sustainable kitchen sinks and kitchen worktops. A solution that enables a perfect combination of materials, design and technology in the kitchen.

Sustainable kitchen sinks in Cosmolite® can be designed with a single or double bowl, depending on the specific application, and they are perfectly integrated into the kitchen worktop to create an effect of visual and functional continuity.

Cosmolite® is a brand of Stone Italiana

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