Discover Cosmolite®: the environmentally sustainable surface cladding solution for your home and design projects.

Its composition is based entirely on the use of a mixture of pre-consumer recycled minerals from the stone quarrying industry. These recovered raw materials reflect the commitment that the Company has made since its inception, to innovative and environmentally-friendly manufacturing methods.

Processed by means of meticulous research and development processes at Stone Italiana’s laboratories, the precise combination of these recovered aggregates ensures flawless workability of the slab, high standards of hygiene and safety in contact with food, and excellent heat resistance.
Firmly grounded on sustainability, Cosmolite® is a powerful indication of the company’s commitment to innovation and the environment.

With six different collections to explore, Cosmolite® surfaces are the ideal choice for a wide range of applications. These sustainable surfaces meet the market’s tangible demand for new and high-quality green materials that meet current environmental standards and can be used for a variety of applications with unique aesthetic characteristics.

Discover the future of sustainable slabs with Cosmolite®, where innovation embraces the environment.

WHY CHOOSE Cosmolite®

The new sustainable surface, durable with designer style

This is a sustainable surface, an alternative to those already on the market, because it concretely represents an important mission: contributing to environmental awareness by means of a product that guarantees maximum performance and hygienic safety.

Available in 6 collections, 26 colors, 3 finishes, 2 thicknesses.


100% recycled minerals

100% recycled mineral aggregates from stone quarry processing waste.

The origin of the recycled minerals used in Cosmolite® is guaranteed by self-declared recycled content in compliance with ISO 14021, certified by the CSQA Third Party Agency.

100% Made in Italy

The raw materials used to create Cosmolite® are sourced from an all-Italian supply chain for both aggregates and binder.

The resin used is, for 21% of its composition, derived from plant sources.


An Environmental Product Declaration has been compiled that describes the environmental impacts of Cosmolite® throughout its life cycle, from the extraction of raw materials to its end of life.

Food safety

Cosmolite® is approved by FDA and it is NSF 51 FOOD ZONE-certified.

It has undergone rigorous chemical analysis to ensure the safety of the substances used in its production and consequently its safety for food contact.

No quartz

Cosmolite® is manufactured from mineral oxides that make up quarry processing waste.

No quartz is contained in the aggregates’ composition.

No VOC emissions after installation

Cosmolite® does not release VOCs, is safe for humans (especially toddlers!) and the environment as guaranteed by Greenguard Gold certification.

Carbon Footprint communication

Stone Italiana has completed a life cycle analysis that allows the calculation of greenhouse gas emissions expressed in kilograms of CO2, providing a comprehensive and complete picture of its impact.

Cosmolite® is a brand of Stone Italiana

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