Sustainable kitchen island

Sustainable kitchen island in Cosmolite®

Creating a kitchen with a center island requires careful design of space and materials.
The products that are used to clad sustainable kitchen island worktops must offer good performance, and they should be large enough to cover the entire area in a single piece, both for aesthetic reasons and for hygiene and easy cleaning.

Cosmolite® slabs can be used to clad a multifunctional kitchen island, combining innovative, sustainable and highly functional materials that are capable of giving interiors a contemporary, stylish and welcoming atmosphere.

A sustainable kitchen island option with a glamorous and sophisticated style, along with remarkable technical properties. In fact, Stone Italiana’s Cosmolite® slabs are highly resistant to accidental impacts and scratches, and they are impervious to stains and bacteria.

Cosmolite® sustainable surfaces are ideal for all applications where advanced specifications are necessary, keeping pace with the environmental sensitivity that today’s market demands.

Cosmolite® is an alternative to materials already on the market because it represents a tangible expression of an important mission, combining a passion for the environment with a passion for design of the highest standards.

Cosmolite® slabs for kitchen island cladding are available in 6 collections, 26 colors, 3 finishes and 2 thicknesses.

Cosmolite® is a brand of Stone Italiana

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