Sustainable kitchen doors

Sustainable kitchen doors in Cosmolite®

Thanks to the methods of processing CosmoliteⓇ slabs, kitchen doors can become important design elements that contribute to the interior’s overall style, along with the other components of a kitchen, such as furnishings, kitchen worktop and sink.

Cosmolite® sustainable surfaces are full-thickness composite materials that are strong, versatile, and suitable for multiple uses within an overall kitchen design.

Kitchen doors, used for base units and wall cabinets, are important furnishing complements for determining the interior’s identity and character, in a total-look perspective.

For kitchen door designs, Stone Italiana introduces innovative solutions in which Cosmolite® slabs are not simply cladding products, but they themselves become the constituent materials, by means of two design features.


Sophistication and light.
It comprises a system consisting of a very thin aluminum profile with a unique section that frames the door, just 6 mm thick without support. The CosmoliteⓇ panel is lightweight and full-thickness, so that its appearance is identical outside and in, with no need for reinforcement.
Cosmolite®’s flexibility gives the doors a high resistance to accidental impacts, while ensuring a unique and distinctive aesthetic appeal.


Purity of lines: a one-piece full-thickness door, no need for frames and supports.
Hinges are attached directly to the material, which maintains the same appearance on the outer and inner surfaces.
In the central part, the door reaches a minimum thickness of 6 mm, which ensures that its weight is within standards, and it is machined using tools specially developed by Stone Italiana.
So, it looks like a classic door, but in fact it has been revisited with meticulous attention according to the high technological standards and visual appeal that are Stone Italiana hallmarks: premium quality materials, minimalist design and the quest for elemental forms.

Practicality, strength, aesthetic harmony and sensitivity to the planet are the distinctive features of a new kitchen concept, a sustainable kitchen designed in Cosmolite®.

Cosmolite® is a brand of Stone Italiana

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